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Established in 2008 to provide social media marketing tools and services. Our Social Media Promoter™ application allows you to run your catalogue of products, services or other offerings on social media platforms. Not just as a simple catalogue, but integrated with your e-commerce/payment platform of choice and using all of the available interaction and virality features of social media platforms to give a truly powerful and unique presence in front of millions of UK and billions of global users. We provide a full end-to-end project-managed service to get the product up and running, working closely with Marketing and IT to ensure a successful launch and operational working.
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We provide our Social Media Promoter™ application as a stand-alone white-label product. We re-skin it to your branding and ensure the data feeds from your systems integrate with the application to provide an automated interface. We aim to launch within 3 weeks of you agreeing to use the application.


In addition to the standard re-skinning and integration, we can also provide further ad hoc customisations to your specification and create and add extra functionality of your choice. We can also provide consultancy and manpower if your back-office systems need work to allow automated feeds.


We can provide a fully hosted system with SLAs of your choice, using a third party best of breed hosting provider. This means there will be no IT infrastructure changes needed on your side.


We are not a marketing consultancy. We do not just talk about what could be done, as easy as it is to talk theory rather than reality. We know social media, we know marketing, we act quickly. We provide, implement and help you manage tools that get results. Integrating the application with your marketing strategy and vision is part of the service of getting the tools running successfully. If during this process we share ideas and suggestions that you would like to use then great!



Your offers, promotions, incentives and events will each become far more visible, more viral and more successful, with users not having to leave social media platforms to Browse, Rate, Review, Share, add to their Wishlists and even have a product-specific Chat with their friends. Purchasing can be set up to work with your current site or kept within the platform itself allowing customers to interact with and buy from you without ever having to leave the familiar social media platform environment.

Galleries, Event and Exhibition Organisers

Museums and Galleries, Event and Exhibition Organisers, Charities, in fact any kind of business or organisation with something to promote can benefit from this powerful enhanced functionality. To find out more about our Social Media Promoter™ product click here.


We have developed a special version of the Social Media Promoter VoD™ application for Video on Demand providers. As well as the core functionality of the normal application, we uniquely integrate with your VoD architecture to provide video catalogue functionality including rating and recommending of films between users. We can also optionally integrate the app direct with your STB to provide a true interactive user experience. To find out more about our Social Media Promoter VoD™ product click here.

Share & Interact

You might have a Share button on the product detail page of your eCommerce website, and even a Like button. Social Media Promoter™ takes this to a different level, by pulling your top products or services into the social media platform itself and allowing each product to become an item of social interaction. Your customers will not have to leave the website they spend hours on daily in order to find yours, rather they will discover your products on the social networking site itself, through their friends' profiles and postings, as well as your fan page.

Product Catalogue

As a random example: Womens' fashion shoes. Ladies love to talk about them and express their opinions. Our application integrates with a feed from the eCommerce system to constantly showcase the latest designer collections. Once a user has installed the application, they will keep it on their profile and be exposed to the latest shoe promotions over and over!

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