Facebook Social TV

In late September 2011 Facebook announced partnerships with companies like Netflix, Spotify, Flixter, Hulu and The Guardian, allowing their customers to share viewing/listening/reading on Facebook in an automated manner.

This functionality will soon become available for other services to integrate with, giving a unique opportunity to virally grow the user base for any media content based service.

Univalence provides expertise, software integration and stand alone software to make this possible for your company. If you find yourself in one of these categories we can help you establish or enhance your Facebook presence:

  • Broadcast TV or radio station – with or without internet streaming
  • TV operator – cable, satellite, IPTV
  • Video On demand service
  • Internet video/TV portal

Broadcast or On Demand content are equally suited for a social viewing experience within the Facebook canvas. Our applications provide ingest of metadata or schedule data, and publish viewing activity to Facebook’s new viral channels.


Reasons for promoting your service on Facebook

  • Increase customer awareness and usage of your available video catalogue
  • Viral customer acquisition with social Facebook marketing by your existing customers
  • Effective notification channels for new available video content
  • Fully integrated and automated feeds to your back-office systems
  • Improve brand recognition and consumer image in the social space, using a branded Facebook application
  • Optional integration with STB/player application (playlist, rating etc)
  • Hosted “off the shelf” fully branded solution requiring no new IT infrastructure to implement
  • Quick quantifiable ROI with increased ARPU
  • Integration with Facebook's new Ticker, Social Graph frictionless sharing, and Timeline

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